Are you living your full potential?

You may not be sure if you do. Maybe you have never been asked that question before. 
I invite you to ponder on it as I tell you a little story I came across recently. I couldn’t figure out who the author was so I decided to retell the story in my own words, with my own interpretation. 

A story to encourage you to live your full potential 

One day a chicken farmer went on a walk and found an egg that had rolled out of its nest. He wasn’t sure what kind of bird it belonged to and couldn’t find the parents. So he decided to carefully collect the egg and carry it home to his chickens. 

His happy chickens had a beautiful big pasture where they would roam around during the day. 
They curiously observed the egg and decided to raise, whoever would hatch, as their own baby. 

A few days later the shell began to crack and a little baby bird made her way into the world. The chickens were joyous and showered the little baby with love and nourishment. Soon enough the little bird grew up and into a very large and amazing bird, but continued to believe that she was a chicken too. 

One morning just after sunrise the bird, hurdled together with her chicken family, looked up and saw some eagles soaring in the sky. Suddenly she felt a longing to fly like these amazing birds do; to experience the air rushing under her wings and the freedom to travel to where her heart would guide her. When she expressed her thoughts the chickens gently shook their heads and told her that she was a just chicken and no chicken could soar like those amazing eagles. She felt sad but accepted her fate. 

The original fable would stop here with the sad ending that the bird never found out that she was an eagle, and after a long life of a chicken, she passed away. 

My ending of this story is that a wise owl came to visit the chickens and told the eagle that she was a majestic bird, with strong wings, amazing sight and a courageous heart. The eagle gasped and told the owl that she must be wrong, but the owl insisted. The next day the owl invited the eagle for a walk to the nearby pond. “Look at your reflection in the water” the owl said and the eagle carefully bent over the edge of the water to observe her reflection. She was so shocked that she almost fell into the water. Indeed, she looked different from a chicken and resembled the birds she saw soaring up in the sky. 

The eagle realized that the way she had lived among the chickens gave her a limited understanding of who she really was. 

The owl looked deep into her eyes and reassured her of her potential. She trained her on how to use her wings, warned her of things to look out for and gave her some food recommendations. 

After a while the eagle felt more confident and joyfully excited about this amazing turn in her life. She thanked the owl  and then flew over to the chickens, who had brought her up, and thanked them for everything they had done for her. Then she spread her wings, and soon was soaring with happiness up in the sky. She enjoyed feeling the wind under her wings, the freedom to live her true potential and to begin her true journey.

~ The End ~ 

Sometimes our true potential is hidden under restrictive thoughts, old habits and believe systems.
People may have told you since your childhood what it is that you are not good at, or that you are
too young/old/extroverted/introverted/stupid/unexperienced/don’t have what it takes, etc.

Unless you are already living your dream, you may like someone to support you in rediscovering
your true potential and providing you with the tools, so you too, can spread your wings and fly.

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With gratitude and many blessings from my heart to yours,