Do you ever catch yourself thinking that if you had made a different choice at one of the many crossroads in your life that you may be happier now? 

Do you ever doubt the choices that you made, the relationship that you are in, or your own feelings? 

Do you ever have thoughts occur over and over again that make you feel drained, anxious and tired?

Most of us grew up not knowing how to attend to emotional pain like impermanence, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, etc. You may have been told that you were “too much” or “not enough” and that showing your emotions openly was a “no-no”.
So over time you became quite good at overriding any strong emotions by channeling them into unwanted, intrusive and oftentimes compulsive thoughts. This is a natural method of self-protection. 

If you haven’t been expressing or even feeling your emotions in such a long time, it probably sounds quite scary to begin the process now. But you can’t bury your feelings, no matter how hard you try, they always find a way back, oftentimes through your mind where your thoughts influence how you feel.

The tendency is to figure out why you are thinking the thoughts, yet, the mind can’t figure out the answer as it originally
created the thoughts.

The good news is that you can find answers and tools on how to meet and transform those thoughts or deeply rooted emotions.
The secret is to return back to feeling your feelings. For children this comes quite naturally. You can learn to go back to that place within and start healing the emotional pain you have been carrying for so long.

Allow me to guide you along the way. Make your appointment with me today to take the first step in the direction of becoming the best version of yourself. Wherever you are in the world, I am happy to work with you online! 

Sending you many blessings from my heart to yours,