This year has brought up anxiety and fear of uncertainty for a lot of people. The circumstances have caused us to reflect on what is really important, and has given many the opportunity to reinvent themselves. Without the usual busyness and available distractions, you may have gained deeper access to your thoughts and emotions. 
When you feel irritated, stressed or upset (or just in general) do you tend to
    • worry a lot
    • throw yourself into work
    • be an over-achiever or perfectionist
    • try to please other people all the time
    • feel that there is something wrong with you
    • seek comfort through food or alcohol
    • take things personally
    • binge on watching TV
    • hide strong feelings to avoid conflict
    • criticize yourself often
    • start new things without ever finishing anything
    • distrust others and even yourself
    • like to be in control of things and feel responsible for others more than yourself?
We all look for ways to soothe ourselves and I know that you are tired of repeating the same old patterns.
I know that it can be frustrating to be stuck in your old patterns and feel the longing of where you wish you could be.
Distractions offer us an escape route from feeling our emotions. Emotions that have been pushed down for a long time, most likely since childhood.
Indeed, we all carry an inner wounded child within. It represents aspects of you that have been hurt when you were a child. To some degree you may have experienced loss, physical or emotional wounding. You didn’t know how to deal with feeling these big emotions and didn’t have the support from your parents or caregivers, and as a consequence you carried these hurts into adulthood. We tend to forget but our soul and body tissues carry the issues of the past. Have you ever started to cry after a long hip opening pose in yin yoga? Until you heal the inner child, and find new ways to soothe yourself, you will most likely continue to repeat the same patterns. 
Transform these wounds and rediscover the playfulness, creativity, and joy that you had lost along the way. 
Connect with your inner child, and receive tools to deal with your emotions! Make your appointment with me today so I can guide you along the way to creativity, joy, vitality, and wellbeing. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sending you many blessings from my heart to yours,