Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Receive Deep Relaxation & Healing

Harmonize Your Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit

  • Are you in need of some self-care, relaxation and¬†rejuvenation?

  • Transform tension, discomfort and pain to inner peace, balance and harmony

  • Get relief from physical issues like insomnia, asthma, fatigue, menopausal symptoms, migraine, etc.

  • Get relief from emotional issues like sadness, grief, depression, irritation, worry, doubts, etc.

  • Gain clarity of mind

  • Accelerate the body’s own ability to heal itself¬†

  • Promote your personal development and spiritual growth

Benefits of Reiki/Energy Healing

  • Creates a state of Deep Relaxation
  • Relieves Stress & Tension
  • Promotes overall Balance and Harmony
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Improves Sleep
  • Promotes Health and Wellbeing
  • Helps relieve physical pain
  • Accelerates the body‚Äôs self-healing capability¬†
  • Helps to relieve Depression
  • Balances body, mind, spirit and emotions
  • Heightens Self-Awareness and Intuition
  • Boosts Self-Esteem
  • Encourages Mental Clarity

Reiki/Intuitive Energy Healing
An Intuitive energy healing draws from a variety of healing techniques, some hands on and some hands off depending on your specific needs. Reiki healings are usually provided hands on with a very gentle touch.

Pure and healing life force energy will be conveyed to address any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances and restore unrestricted energy flow.
Relax, refresh and allow yourself to heal on all levels.
Invest in your health and wellbeing and enjoy the amazing soothing and healing energy of Reiki in your next session.

Reiki ‚Äď A Definition¬†

Reiki effects, heals and balances body, mind, spirit and emotions. 

This gentle yet powerful healing technique supports deep relaxation, and supports you in releasing obstacles or blocks that have been holding you back from living your full potential.

The Holy Fire III Usui Reiki energy creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. It raises the levels of consciousness and creates a stronger connection to the authentic self while providing healing on the deepest levels.

Reiki is not a religion and therefore embraces all creeds, and all beliefs. It is the Universal Life Force Energy available to everyone from the Divine Source.

Because Reiki energy works on all levels, the cause is being treated as well as the resulting illness and its symptoms. Reiki helps the body heal itself while it supports relaxation, balance, and overall well-being. As you immerse yourself in the ancient healing wisdom of Reiki, you will discover powerful tools to create a life filled with harmony, health, healing and happiness. 

Experience the many benefits of Reiki and learn to work with the ancient healing energy yourself. Find inner peace, harmony within, and use Reiki to benefit yourself and others in your daily life.
Reiki trainings are available for private or group sessions.
Please find more information below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

“Tanja was very kind and patient while helping me purchase a Reiki and Angel Card Reading for my wife’s birthday. She spoke with me all day about the experience afterwards! This was an introduction to Reiki for her. Neither her nor I had any expectations. I would never reveal the full details of her session but I can say that afterwards she found it very beneficial physically and emotionally. Personally I can add that she seems to be feeling more herself than before the experience.”

Pete Bradford

Reiki Classes/Training
Reiki is a Japanese technique in which healing life force energy is being channeled into the patient by ‚Äúlaying on hands‚ÄĚ to activate the natural healing processes of the patient‚Äôs body and restore physical and emotional wellbeing.
This training teaches you how to feel energy, invite Reiki energy into your hands and learn how to use it on yourself, how to conduct a complete body treatment on others, and more.

“I had the honor and pleasure to work with Tanja recently for my Second Degree Reiki attunement and session. It was such an amazing experience. Tanja has a way about her that makes you feel right at ease from the first moment. She is so intuitive, kind and compassionate and creates such a soothing, calming environment around her that you cannot help but be open to her magical energy. Her guided meditation was just the beginning and this alone was worth every cent. I felt an immediate calming of my mind and body. Then to be attuned by this Reiki Master was like traveling through ancient times and having many doors open to me. It was an awakening. It was a beautiful and magical experience that I won’t ever forget. I highly recommend Tanja Alexandra Kern for anyone who is searching for a spiritual Reiki journey – she is truly gifted and a Master in the art of healing.”

Sheri Steinmetz



$ 580

$200 Registration Fee (non refundable unless teacher cancels class)


In your Reiki I training you will:

  • Learn about what Reiki is
  • The History of Reiki
  • Explore the sensation of energy
  • Learn about the Reiki‚Äôs guiding principles
  • Understand the history of Reiki
  • Introduction to Holy Fire III & and the levels of consciousness
  • Be taught how to conduct healing sessions and a chakra balancing¬†
  • How to use Reiki¬†
  • Be initiated to Reiki I
  • Practice using your new healing abilities


  • Professionally prepared Usui Reiki Holy Fire I manual
  • In-person instruction with time for questions
  • Healing Initiation to Reiki I
  • Hand Positions for self and others
  • Healing Spirit Attachments
  • Meditation
  • Steps to Integrate the Principles of Reiki
  • Overview of the Seven Main Chakras
  • Time to practice your new skills
  • A ‚ÄúCertificate of Completion‚ÄĚ verifying that you are a Reiki I Practitioner, which makes you eligible to offer Reiki healing sessions to the public¬†


Reiki II is a more advanced application of the energy, concentrating more on the subtle, or etheric body, rather than the physical. During the course, students are initiated into the three sacred symbols of the degree, which increase the power of the energy and allow the practitioner to project the Reiki energy at a distance, effecting a powerful form of absent healing. 

Reiki II also helps the practitioner to focus the energy to remove and heal mental and emotional blocks in the client. For example, the practitioner would be able to support clients suffering from depression, addictions, emotional trauma, and whole range of other mental and emotional issues. 

Reiki II symbols can also be used to create powerful positive affirmations, cleanse negative energy from objects, rooms, etc., as well as empower situations and people, and can also be used for psychic protection. There are a multitude of further applications for the symbols, all of which are taught during the Reiki II workshop.

Reiki II Distant Healing and Mental/Emotional Healing symbols are also integrated. This class expands upon Reiki I techniques and attunes you to higher frequencies of energy.

In your Reiki II training you will:

  • Enhance your Reiki energies¬†
  • Receive your Healing Initiation to Reiki II
  • Initiation to 3 Sacred Reiki symbols that focus on:¬†
    • Mental healing
    • Emotional healing
    • Distant Healing (across time and space)
  • Practice using your new symbols during healing sessions
  • Discover ways to use Reiki for
    • Psychic Protection
    • Clearing Energies
    • Create Powerful Positive Affirmations¬†
    • To Empower Situations and People
    • To Heal Past Events
    • Chakra Balancing
    • Learn about the Three Pillars of Reiki
    • How to practice Byosen Scanning
    • How to clear negative energies


  • Professionally prepared 30-page manual.
  • In-person instruction with time for questions.
  • Initiation to 2 Usui Reiki symbols and 2 non-traditional Reiki symbols.
  • Time to practice your new skills.
  • A ‚ÄúCertificate of Completion‚ÄĚ verifying that you are a Reiki II Practitioner.


(3 consecutive days)

Individual  $1025

$325 Registration Fee (non refundable unless teacher cancels class)


Reiki III introduces you to the powerful Usui Master Symbol. This level heals the spiritual body and soul and increases the strength of your Reiki energy. 

With Reiki III you will have achieved Master Level.

During the Reiki III portion of the course, you will:

  • Initiation to the Usui Master Symbol that operates on a higher frequency and brings into use a higher level of divine power.
  • Can be used to empower and bless activities
  • Empowers the manifestation or personal transformation work
  • Soul level healing


    • Professionally prepared manual.
    • How to program and clear crystals and stones with Reiki
    • How to create a powerful Healing Crystal Grid¬†
    • Learn about the Spiritual Heart
    • Understand the Seven Levels of Consciousness
    • Guided meditation to improve healing skills, expand your consciousness and manifest your goals
    • A ‚ÄúCertificate of Completion‚ÄĚ verifying that you participated in an Advanced Reiki Training (ART) course.
    • Learn the attunement process and how to initiate others to Reiki I
    • A ‚ÄúCertificate of Completion‚ÄĚ verifying that you participated in an Advanced Reiki Training (ART) course.


In Reiki IV you learn how to teach Reiki, and how to initiate others to all Reiki levels. You will be a Reiki Master Teacher, able to heal others and convey your wisdom by teaching Reiki to others.

During the Reiki IV/Reiki Master portion of the course, you will:

  • Learn the process of providing Holy Fire III Experiences, Placements and Ignitions for initiating others to Reiki
  • Learn how to maintain and develop your Holy Fire Energy

Reiki IV/Reiki Master COURSE INCLUDES:

  • A professionally prepared¬† manual.¬†
  • In-person instruction and time for questions
  • Initiation to Reiki Master
  • Values of a Reiki Master Teacher
  • Initiation to the Holy Fire Symbol, which offers a high vibrational energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.
  • Practice of Holy Fire Meditation
  • Instruction on how to provide Reiki experiences, placements and ignitions for all levels and time to practice your new skills¬†
  • A ‚ÄúCertificate of Completion‚ÄĚ verifying that you participated in Reiki IV and are now a Reiki Master Teacher.

” I got my Reiki 2 attunement session with the lovely Tanja and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect person to do this with. She is a true light and made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. Loved her angel cards as they revealed exactly what I needed at this moment of time. I recommend her to everyone, her energy will leave you inspired and positive, being in the present moment. Doing Reiki now is a blessing and I am extremely grateful.”

Mila Todarova

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.